LLSDMessageReader Member List

This is the complete list of members for LLSDMessageReader, including all inherited members.

clearMessage()LLSDMessageReader [virtual]
copyToBuilder(LLMessageBuilder &) const LLSDMessageReader [virtual]
getBinaryData(const char *block, const char *var, void *datap, S32 size, S32 blocknum=0, S32 max_size=S32_MAX)LLSDMessageReader [virtual]
getBOOL(const char *block, const char *var, BOOL &data, S32 blocknum=0)LLSDMessageReader [virtual]
getF32(const char *block, const char *var, F32 &data, S32 blocknum=0)LLSDMessageReader [virtual]
getF64(const char *block, const char *var, F64 &data, S32 blocknum=0)LLSDMessageReader [virtual]
getIPAddr(const char *block, const char *var, U32 &ip, S32 blocknum=0)LLSDMessageReader [virtual]
getIPPort(const char *block, const char *var, U16 &port, S32 blocknum=0)LLSDMessageReader [virtual]
getMessageName() const LLSDMessageReader [virtual]
getMessageSize() const LLSDMessageReader [virtual]
getNumberOfBlocks(const char *blockname)LLSDMessageReader [virtual]
getQuat(const char *block, const char *var, LLQuaternion &q, S32 blocknum=0)LLSDMessageReader [virtual]
getS16(const char *block, const char *var, S16 &data, S32 blocknum=0)LLSDMessageReader [virtual]
getS32(const char *block, const char *var, S32 &data, S32 blocknum=0)LLSDMessageReader [virtual]
getS8(const char *block, const char *var, S8 &data, S32 blocknum=0)LLSDMessageReader [virtual]
getSize(const char *blockname, const char *varname)LLSDMessageReader [virtual]
getSize(const char *blockname, S32 blocknum, const char *varname)LLSDMessageReader [virtual]
getString(const char *block, const char *var, S32 buffer_size, char *buffer, S32 blocknum=0)LLSDMessageReader [virtual]
getTimeDecodes()LLMessageReader [static]
getTimeDecodesSpamThreshold()LLMessageReader [static]
getU16(const char *block, const char *var, U16 &data, S32 blocknum=0)LLSDMessageReader [virtual]
getU32(const char *block, const char *var, U32 &data, S32 blocknum=0)LLSDMessageReader [virtual]
getU64(const char *block, const char *var, U64 &data, S32 blocknum=0)LLSDMessageReader [virtual]
getU8(const char *block, const char *var, U8 &data, S32 blocknum=0)LLSDMessageReader [virtual]
getUUID(const char *block, const char *var, LLUUID &uuid, S32 blocknum=0)LLSDMessageReader [virtual]
getVector3(const char *block, const char *var, LLVector3 &vec, S32 blocknum=0)LLSDMessageReader [virtual]
getVector3d(const char *block, const char *var, LLVector3d &vec, S32 blocknum=0)LLSDMessageReader [virtual]
getVector4(const char *block, const char *var, LLVector4 &vec, S32 blocknum=0)LLSDMessageReader [virtual]
mMessageLLSDMessageReader [private]
mMessageNameLLSDMessageReader [private]
setMessage(const char *name, const LLSD &msg)LLSDMessageReader
setTimeDecodes(BOOL b)LLMessageReader [static]
setTimeDecodesSpamThreshold(F32 seconds)LLMessageReader [static]
~LLMessageReader()LLMessageReader [virtual]
~LLSDMessageReader()LLSDMessageReader [virtual]

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