LLCurl Class Reference

#include <llcurl.h>

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Public Types

typedef boost::intrusive_ptr<

Static Public Member Functions

static void get (const std::string &url, ResponderPtr)
static void getByteRange (const std::string &url, S32 offset, S32 length, ResponderPtr responder)
static void process ()
static void cleanup ()


class  Easy
class  Multi
class  Responder

Detailed Description

Definition at line 48 of file llcurl.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef boost::intrusive_ptr<Responder> LLCurl::ResponderPtr

Definition at line 73 of file llcurl.h.

Member Function Documentation

void LLCurl::cleanup (  )  [static]

Definition at line 376 of file llcurl.cpp.

References freeMulti().

Referenced by cleanup_app().

void LLCurl::get ( const std::string &  url,
) [static]

Definition at line 359 of file llcurl.cpp.

References LLCurl::Multi::get(), and mainMulti().

void LLCurl::getByteRange ( const std::string &  url,
S32  offset,
S32  length,
ResponderPtr  responder 
) [static]

Definition at line 365 of file llcurl.cpp.

References LLCurl::Multi::getByteRange(), and mainMulti().

Referenced by LLTextureFetchWorker::doWork().

void LLCurl::process (  )  [static]

Definition at line 371 of file llcurl.cpp.

References mainMulti(), and LLCurl::Multi::process().

Referenced by main_loop().

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