LLToolCompInspect Class Reference

#include <lltoolcomp.h>

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Public Member Functions

 LLToolCompInspect ()
virtual ~LLToolCompInspect ()
virtual BOOL handleMouseDown (S32 x, S32 y, MASK mask)
virtual BOOL handleDoubleClick (S32 x, S32 y, MASK mask)

Static Public Member Functions

static void pickCallback (S32 x, S32 y, MASK mask)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 107 of file lltoolcomp.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

LLToolCompInspect::LLToolCompInspect (  ) 

Definition at line 140 of file lltoolcomp.cpp.

References LLToolComposite::mDefault, and LLToolComposite::mSelectRect.

LLToolCompInspect::~LLToolCompInspect (  )  [virtual]

Definition at line 148 of file lltoolcomp.cpp.

References LLToolComposite::mSelectRect, and NULL.

Member Function Documentation

BOOL LLToolCompInspect::handleDoubleClick ( S32  x,
S32  y,
MASK  mask 
) [virtual]

Implements LLToolComposite.

Definition at line 189 of file lltoolcomp.cpp.

References TRUE.

BOOL LLToolCompInspect::handleMouseDown ( S32  x,
S32  y,
MASK  mask 
) [virtual]

Implements LLToolComposite.

Definition at line 154 of file lltoolcomp.cpp.

References gViewerWindow, LLViewerWindow::hitObjectOrLandGlobalAsync(), LLToolComposite::mMouseDown, pickCallback(), and TRUE.

void LLToolCompInspect::pickCallback ( S32  x,
S32  y,
MASK  mask 
) [static]

Definition at line 161 of file lltoolcomp.cpp.

References FALSE, gEditMenuHandler, LLControlGroup::getBOOL(), LLSelectMgr::getSelection(), gSavedSettings, gSelectMgr, gToolInspect, gViewerWindow, LLToolSelectRect::handleMouseDown(), LLToolSelect::handleObjectSelection(), LLViewerWindow::lastObjectHit(), LLToolComposite::mMouseDown, LLToolComposite::mSelectRect, and LLToolComposite::setCurrentTool().

Referenced by handleMouseDown().

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