LLVector3d Member List

This is the complete list of members for LLVector3d, including all inherited members.

clamp(const F64 min, const F64 max)LLVector3d
clearVec()LLVector3d [inline]
getValue() const LLVector3d [inline]
isExactlyZero() const LLVector3d [inline]
isFinite() const LLVector3d [inline]
isNull() const LLVector3d [inline]
LLVector3d()LLVector3d [inline]
LLVector3d(const F64 x, const F64 y, const F64 z)LLVector3d [inline]
LLVector3d(const F64 *vec)LLVector3d [inline, explicit]
LLVector3d(const LLVector3 &vec)LLVector3d [inline, explicit]
LLVector3d(const LLSD &sd)LLVector3d [inline]
magVec() const LLVector3d [inline]
magVecSquared() const LLVector3d [inline]
normVec()LLVector3d [inline]
operator *(const LLVector3d &a, const LLVector3d &b)LLVector3d [friend]
operator *(const LLVector3d &a, const F64 k)LLVector3d [friend]
operator *(const F64 k, const LLVector3d &a)LLVector3d [friend]
operator *=(LLVector3d &a, const F64 k)LLVector3d [friend]
operator!=(const LLVector3d &a, const LLVector3d &b)LLVector3d [friend]
operator%(const LLVector3d &a, const LLVector3d &b)LLVector3d [friend]
operator%=(LLVector3d &a, const LLVector3d &b)LLVector3d [friend]
operator+(const LLVector3d &a, const LLVector3d &b)LLVector3d [friend]
operator+=(LLVector3d &a, const LLVector3d &b)LLVector3d [friend]
operator-(const LLVector3d &a, const LLVector3d &b)LLVector3d [friend]
operator-(const LLVector3d &a)LLVector3d [friend]
operator-=(LLVector3d &a, const LLVector3d &b)LLVector3d [friend]
operator/(const LLVector3d &a, const F64 k)LLVector3d [friend]
operator/=(LLVector3d &a, const F64 k)LLVector3d [friend]
operator<<(std::ostream &s, const LLVector3d &a)LLVector3d [friend]
operator=(const LLSD &sd)LLVector3d [inline]
operator=(const LLVector4 &a)LLVector3d
operator==(const LLVector3d &a, const LLVector3d &b)LLVector3d [friend]
operator[](int idx) const LLVector3d [inline]
operator[](int idx)LLVector3d [inline]
parseVector3d(const char *buf, LLVector3d *value)LLVector3d [static]
rotVec(const F64 angle, const LLVector3d &vec)LLVector3d
rotVec(const F64 angle, const F64 x, const F64 y, const F64 z)LLVector3d
rotVec(const LLMatrix3 &mat)LLVector3d
rotVec(const LLQuaternion &q)LLVector3d
setValue(const LLSD &sd)LLVector3d [inline]
setVec(const F64 x, const F64 y, const F64 z)LLVector3d [inline]
setVec(const LLVector3d &vec)LLVector3d [inline]
setVec(const F64 *vec)LLVector3d [inline]
setVec(const LLVector3 &vec)LLVector3d [inline]
x_axisLLVector3d [static]
x_axis_negLLVector3d [static]
y_axisLLVector3d [static]
y_axis_negLLVector3d [static]
z_axisLLVector3d [static]
z_axis_negLLVector3d [static]
zeroLLVector3d [static]
zeroVec()LLVector3d [inline]

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