lscript Directory Reference



directory  lscript_compile
directory  lscript_execute
directory  lscript_library


file  lscript_alloc.h [code]
 General heap management for scripting system.
file  lscript_byteconvert.h [code]
 Shared code for compiler and assembler for LSL.
file  lscript_byteformat.h [code]
 Shared code between compiler and assembler and LSL.
file  lscript_execute.h [code]
 Classes to execute bytecode.
file  lscript_export.h [code]
 Export interface class.
file  lscript_http.h [code]
 LSL HTTP keys.
file  lscript_library.h [code]
 External library interface.
file  lscript_rt_interface.h [code]
 Interface between compiler library and applications.

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