LLImageDXT::dxtfile_header_t::pixel_format Struct Reference

#include <llimagedxt.h>

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Public Attributes

S32 struct_size
S32 flags
S32 fourcc
S32 bit_count
S32 r_mask
S32 g_mask
S32 b_mask
S32 a_mask

Detailed Description

Definition at line 81 of file llimagedxt.h.

Member Data Documentation

S32 LLImageDXT::dxtfile_header_t::pixel_format::a_mask

Definition at line 90 of file llimagedxt.h.

S32 LLImageDXT::dxtfile_header_t::pixel_format::b_mask

Definition at line 89 of file llimagedxt.h.

S32 LLImageDXT::dxtfile_header_t::pixel_format::bit_count

Definition at line 86 of file llimagedxt.h.

S32 LLImageDXT::dxtfile_header_t::pixel_format::flags

Definition at line 84 of file llimagedxt.h.

S32 LLImageDXT::dxtfile_header_t::pixel_format::fourcc

Definition at line 85 of file llimagedxt.h.

Referenced by LLImageDXT::convertToDXR(), LLImageDXT::encode(), and LLImageDXT::updateData().

S32 LLImageDXT::dxtfile_header_t::pixel_format::g_mask

Definition at line 88 of file llimagedxt.h.

S32 LLImageDXT::dxtfile_header_t::pixel_format::r_mask

Definition at line 87 of file llimagedxt.h.

S32 LLImageDXT::dxtfile_header_t::pixel_format::struct_size

Definition at line 83 of file llimagedxt.h.

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