LLPumpIO::LLChainInfo Struct Reference

#include <llpumpio.h>

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Public Types

typedef std::pair< LLIOPipe::ptr_t,
apr_pollfd_t > 
typedef std::vector< pipe_conditional_tconditionals_t

Public Member Functions

 LLChainInfo ()
void setTimeoutSeconds (F32 timeout)

Public Attributes

bool mInit
S32 mLock
LLFrameTimer mTimer
links_t::iterator mHead
links_t mChainLinks
LLIOPipe::buffer_ptr_t mData
bool mEOS
LLSD mContext
conditionals_t mDescriptors

Detailed Description

Definition at line 347 of file llpumpio.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef std::vector<pipe_conditional_t> LLPumpIO::LLChainInfo::conditionals_t

Definition at line 365 of file llpumpio.h.

typedef std::pair<LLIOPipe::ptr_t, apr_pollfd_t> LLPumpIO::LLChainInfo::pipe_conditional_t

Definition at line 364 of file llpumpio.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

LLPumpIO::LLChainInfo::LLChainInfo (  ) 


Definition at line 1014 of file llpumpio.cpp.

References DEFAULT_CHAIN_EXPIRY_SECS, mTimer, LLMemType::MTYPE_IO_PUMP, and LLFrameTimer::setTimerExpirySec().

Member Function Documentation

void LLPumpIO::LLChainInfo::setTimeoutSeconds ( F32  timeout  ) 

Definition at line 1023 of file llpumpio.cpp.

References f, mTimer, LLMemType::MTYPE_IO_PUMP, LLFrameTimer::reset(), LLFrameTimer::setTimerExpirySec(), LLFrameTimer::start(), and LLFrameTimer::stop().

Referenced by LLPumpIO::addChain().

Member Data Documentation

links_t LLPumpIO::LLChainInfo::mChainLinks

Definition at line 358 of file llpumpio.h.

Referenced by LLPumpIO::addChain(), LLPumpIO::handleChainError(), LLPumpIO::processChain(), and LLPumpIO::respond().

LLSD LLPumpIO::LLChainInfo::mContext

Definition at line 361 of file llpumpio.h.

Referenced by LLPumpIO::addChain(), LLPumpIO::processChain(), and LLPumpIO::respond().

LLIOPipe::buffer_ptr_t LLPumpIO::LLChainInfo::mData

Definition at line 359 of file llpumpio.h.

Referenced by LLPumpIO::addChain(), LLPumpIO::processChain(), and LLPumpIO::respond().

conditionals_t LLPumpIO::LLChainInfo::mDescriptors

Definition at line 366 of file llpumpio.h.

bool LLPumpIO::LLChainInfo::mEOS

Definition at line 360 of file llpumpio.h.

Referenced by LLPumpIO::processChain().

links_t::iterator LLPumpIO::LLChainInfo::mHead

Definition at line 357 of file llpumpio.h.

Referenced by LLPumpIO::handleChainError(), and LLPumpIO::processChain().

bool LLPumpIO::LLChainInfo::mInit

Definition at line 354 of file llpumpio.h.

S32 LLPumpIO::LLChainInfo::mLock

Definition at line 355 of file llpumpio.h.

LLFrameTimer LLPumpIO::LLChainInfo::mTimer

Definition at line 356 of file llpumpio.h.

Referenced by LLChainInfo(), and setTimeoutSeconds().

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