VertexBufferStrider< T, type > Struct Template Reference

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Public Types

typedef LLStrider< T > strider_t

Static Public Member Functions

static bool get (LLVertexBuffer &vbo, strider_t &strider, S32 index)

Detailed Description

template<class T, S32 type>
struct VertexBufferStrider< T, type >

Definition at line 658 of file llvertexbuffer.cpp.

Member Typedef Documentation

template<class T, S32 type>
typedef LLStrider<T> VertexBufferStrider< T, type >::strider_t

Definition at line 660 of file llvertexbuffer.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

template<class T, S32 type>
static bool VertexBufferStrider< T, type >::get ( LLVertexBuffer vbo,
strider_t strider,
S32  index 
) [inline, static]

Definition at line 661 of file llvertexbuffer.cpp.

References FALSE, LLVertexBuffer::getMappedData(), LLVertexBuffer::getMappedIndices(), LLVertexBuffer::getOffset(), LLVertexBuffer::getStride(), LLVertexBuffer::hasDataType(), llendl, llerrs, LLVertexBuffer::mapBuffer(), S32, LLStrider< Object >::setStride(), stride, TRUE, type, and LLVertexBuffer::TYPE_INDEX.

Referenced by LLVertexBuffer::getBinormalStrider(), LLVertexBuffer::getClothWeightStrider(), LLVertexBuffer::getColorStrider(), LLVertexBuffer::getIndexStrider(), LLVertexBuffer::getNormalStrider(), LLVertexBuffer::getTexCoord2Strider(), LLVertexBuffer::getTexCoordStrider(), LLVertexBuffer::getVertexStrider(), and LLVertexBuffer::getWeightStrider().

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