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Public Member Functions

 LLDebugText (LLViewerWindow *window)
void addText (S32 x, S32 y, const std::string &text)
void update ()
void draw ()

Private Types

typedef std::vector< Lineline_list_t

Private Attributes

line_list_t mLineList
LLColor4 mTextColor


struct  Line

Detailed Description

Definition at line 375 of file llviewerwindow.cpp.

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef std::vector<Line> LLDebugText::line_list_t [private]

Definition at line 387 of file llviewerwindow.cpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

LLDebugText::LLDebugText ( LLViewerWindow window  )  [inline]

Definition at line 392 of file llviewerwindow.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

void LLDebugText::addText ( S32  x,
S32  y,
const std::string &  text 
) [inline]

Definition at line 394 of file llviewerwindow.cpp.

References mLineList.

Referenced by update().

void LLDebugText::draw ( void   )  [inline]

Definition at line 569 of file llviewerwindow.cpp.

References FALSE, LLFontGL::LEFT, mLineList, mTextColor, LLFontGL::NORMAL, NULL, LLFontGL::renderUTF8(), S32_MAX, LLFontGL::sMonospace, and LLFontGL::TOP.

Referenced by LLViewerWindow::drawDebugText().

void LLDebugText::update (  )  [inline]

Definition at line 399 of file llviewerwindow.cpp.

References addText(), f, gAgent, gAudiop, gCamera, gDebugTimers, gDisplayCameraPos, gDisplayFOV, gDisplayWindInfo, LLCoordFrame::getAtAxis(), LLAgent::getAvatarObject(), LLControlGroup::getBOOL(), LLAgent::getCameraPositionGlobal(), LLAgent::getFrameAgent(), LLCoordFrame::getLeftAxis(), LLAgent::getPosGlobalFromAgent(), LLAgent::getPositionGlobal(), LLPipeline::getProcessBeacons(), LLPipeline::getRenderBeacons(), LLPipeline::getRenderParticleBeacons(), LLPipeline::getRenderPhysicalBeacons(), LLPipeline::getRenderScriptedBeacons(), LLPipeline::getRenderScriptedTouchBeacons(), LLPipeline::getRenderSoundBeacons(), LLPipeline::getUseVertexShaders(), LLCamera::getView(), LLViewerWindow::getWindowWidth(), LLJoint::getWorldPosition(), gFrameTimeSeconds, gPipeline, gRelativeWindVec, gSavedSettings, gWindVec, llformat(), LLVector3::magVec(), LLVector3d::mdV, LLVOAvatar::mRoot, mTextColor, LLVector3::mV, mWindow, NULL, RAD_TO_DEG, LLPipeline::RENDER_TYPE_PARTICLES, S32, LLVertexBuffer::sAllocatedBytes, LLVertexBuffer::sGLCount, size, LLVertexBuffer::sLockedList, LLPipeline::toggleRenderTypeControlNegated(), VX, VY, and VZ.

Referenced by LLViewerWindow::updateDebugText().

Member Data Documentation

line_list_t LLDebugText::mLineList [private]

Definition at line 388 of file llviewerwindow.cpp.

Referenced by addText(), and draw().

LLColor4 LLDebugText::mTextColor [private]

Definition at line 389 of file llviewerwindow.cpp.

Referenced by draw(), and update().

LLViewerWindow* LLDebugText::mWindow [private]

Definition at line 385 of file llviewerwindow.cpp.

Referenced by update().

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