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#include <llpanelavatar.h>

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Public Member Functions

 LLPanelAvatarSecondLife (const std::string &name, const LLRect &rect, LLPanelAvatar *panel_avatar)
BOOL postBuild (void)
void refresh ()
void clearControls ()
void enableControls (BOOL own_avatar)
void updateOnlineText (BOOL online, BOOL have_calling_card)
void updatePartnerName ()
void setPartnerID (LLUUID id)

Static Public Member Functions

static void onClickImage (void *userdata)
static void onClickFriends (void *userdata)
static void onDoubleClickGroup (void *userdata)
static void onClickPublishHelp (void *userdata)
static void onClickPartnerHelp (void *userdata)
static void onClickPartnerHelpLoadURL (S32 option, void *userdata)

Private Attributes


Detailed Description

Definition at line 107 of file llpanelavatar.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

LLPanelAvatarSecondLife::LLPanelAvatarSecondLife ( const std::string &  name,
const LLRect rect,
LLPanelAvatar panel_avatar 

Definition at line 268 of file llpanelavatar.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

void LLPanelAvatarSecondLife::clearControls (  ) 

Definition at line 301 of file llpanelavatar.cpp.

References LLPanel::childSetTextArg(), LLPanel::childSetValue(), LLScrollListCtrl::deleteAllItems(), LLUICtrlFactory::getScrollListByName(), LLUICtrlFactory::getTexturePickerByName(), mPartnerID, LLStringBase< char >::null, LLUUID::null, and LLTextureCtrl::setImageAssetID().

Referenced by LLPanelAvatar::setAvatarID().

void LLPanelAvatarSecondLife::enableControls ( BOOL  own_avatar  ) 

Definition at line 334 of file llpanelavatar.cpp.

References LLPanel::childSetEnabled(), LLPanel::childSetVisible(), LLUICtrlFactory::getTextEditorByName(), LLTextEditor::setReadOnlyBgColor(), and LLColor4::transparent.

Referenced by postBuild(), and LLPanelAvatar::setAvatarID().

static void LLPanelAvatarSecondLife::onClickFriends ( void userdata  )  [static]

void LLPanelAvatarSecondLife::onClickImage ( void userdata  )  [static]

Definition at line 355 of file llpanelavatar.cpp.

void LLPanelAvatarSecondLife::onClickPartnerHelp ( void userdata  )  [static]

Definition at line 384 of file llpanelavatar.cpp.

References LLViewerWindow::alertXml(), gViewerWindow, NULL, and onClickPartnerHelpLoadURL().

Referenced by postBuild().

void LLPanelAvatarSecondLife::onClickPartnerHelpLoadURL ( S32  option,
void userdata 
) [static]

Definition at line 390 of file llpanelavatar.cpp.

References LLWeb::loadURL().

Referenced by onClickPartnerHelp().

void LLPanelAvatarSecondLife::onClickPublishHelp ( void userdata  )  [static]

Definition at line 378 of file llpanelavatar.cpp.

References LLViewerWindow::alertXml(), and gViewerWindow.

Referenced by postBuild().

void LLPanelAvatarSecondLife::onDoubleClickGroup ( void userdata  )  [static]

Definition at line 359 of file llpanelavatar.cpp.

References LLScrollListCtrl::getFirstSelected(), LLUICtrlFactory::getScrollListByName(), LLScrollListItem::getUUID(), llendl, llinfos, LLUUID::notNull(), and LLFloaterGroupInfo::showFromUUID().

Referenced by postBuild().

BOOL LLPanelAvatarSecondLife::postBuild ( void   )  [virtual]

Reimplemented from LLPanel.

Definition at line 418 of file llpanelavatar.cpp.

References LLPanel::childSetAction(), LLPanel::childSetDoubleClickCallback(), LLPanel::childSetEnabled(), LLPanel::childSetVisible(), enableControls(), FALSE, gAgent, LLPanelAvatar::getAvatarID(), LLAgent::getID(), LLPanelAvatarTab::getPanelAvatar(), LLPanelAvatar::onClickAddFriend(), LLPanelAvatar::onClickIM(), LLPanelAvatar::onClickMute(), LLPanelAvatar::onClickOfferTeleport(), onClickPartnerHelp(), LLPanelAvatar::onClickPay(), onClickPublishHelp(), LLPanelAvatar::onClickTrack(), onDoubleClickGroup(), LLPanelAvatar::sAllowFirstLife, and TRUE.

void LLPanelAvatarSecondLife::refresh (  )  [virtual]

Reimplemented from LLPanel.

Definition at line 276 of file llpanelavatar.cpp.

References updatePartnerName().

void LLPanelAvatarSecondLife::setPartnerID ( LLUUID  id  )  [inline]

Definition at line 129 of file llpanelavatar.h.

References mPartnerID.

void LLPanelAvatarSecondLife::updateOnlineText ( BOOL  online,
BOOL  have_calling_card 

void LLPanelAvatarSecondLife::updatePartnerName (  ) 

Definition at line 281 of file llpanelavatar.cpp.

References LLPanel::childSetTextArg(), first, gCacheName, LLCacheName::getName(), mPartnerID, and LLUUID::notNull().

Referenced by refresh().

Member Data Documentation

LLUUID LLPanelAvatarSecondLife::mPartnerID [private]

Definition at line 132 of file llpanelavatar.h.

Referenced by clearControls(), setPartnerID(), and updatePartnerName().

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