LLScriptLValue Class Reference

#include <lscript_tree.h>

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Public Member Functions

 LLScriptLValue (S32 line, S32 col, LLScriptIdentifier *identifier, LLScriptIdentifier *accessor)
 ~LLScriptLValue ()
void recurse (FILE *fp, S32 tabs, S32 tabsize, LSCRIPTCompilePass pass, LSCRIPTPruneType ptype, BOOL &prunearg, LLScriptScope *scope, LSCRIPTType &type, LSCRIPTType basetype, U64 &count, LLScriptByteCodeChunk *chunk, LLScriptByteCodeChunk *heap, S32 stacksize, LLScriptScopeEntry *entry, S32 entrycount, LLScriptLibData **ldata)
S32 getSize ()

Public Attributes

S32 mOffset

Detailed Description

Definition at line 1003 of file lscript_tree.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

LLScriptLValue::LLScriptLValue ( S32  line,
S32  col,
LLScriptIdentifier identifier,
LLScriptIdentifier accessor 
) [inline]

Definition at line 1006 of file lscript_tree.h.

LLScriptLValue::~LLScriptLValue (  )  [inline]

Definition at line 1011 of file lscript_tree.h.

Member Function Documentation

S32 LLScriptLValue::getSize (  )  [virtual]

Reimplemented from LLScriptExpression.

Definition at line 4134 of file lscript_tree.cpp.

void LLScriptLValue::recurse ( FILE *  fp,
S32  tabs,
S32  tabsize,
LSCRIPTCompilePass  pass,
LSCRIPTPruneType  ptype,
BOOL prunearg,
LLScriptScope scope,
LSCRIPTType type,
LSCRIPTType  basetype,
U64 count,
LLScriptByteCodeChunk chunk,
LLScriptByteCodeChunk heap,
S32  stacksize,
LLScriptScopeEntry entry,
S32  entrycount,
LLScriptLibData **  ldata 
) [virtual]

Reimplemented from LLScriptExpression.

Definition at line 3854 of file lscript_tree.cpp.

References LLScriptByteCodeChunk::addByte(), LLScriptByteCodeChunk::addInteger(), FALSE, LLScriptScope::findEntry(), gErrorToText, LLScriptGenerateErrorText::getErrors(), LLScriptExpression::gonext(), is_parameter(), LIT_GLOBAL, LIT_VARIABLE, LOPC_PUSH, LOPC_PUSHG, LOPC_PUSHGL, LOPC_PUSHGQ, LOPC_PUSHGS, LOPC_PUSHGV, LOPC_PUSHL, LOPC_PUSHQ, LOPC_PUSHS, LOPC_PUSHV, LSCP_EMIT_ASSEMBLY, LSCP_EMIT_CIL_ASSEMBLY, LSCP_PRETTY_PRINT, LSCP_SCOPE_PASS1, LSCP_TO_STACK, LSCP_TYPE, LSCRIPTOpCodes, LSCRIPTTypeGlobalPush, LSCRIPTTypeLocalPush, LSERROR_UNDEFINED_NAME, LSERROR_VECTOR_METHOD_ERROR, LST_FLOATINGPOINT, LST_INTEGER, LST_KEY, LST_LIST, LST_QUATERNION, LST_STRING, LST_UNDEFINED, LST_VECTOR, mAccessor, mIdentifier, LLScriptScopeEntry::mIDType, LLScriptIdentifier::mName, mOffset, LLScriptScopeEntry::mOffset, LLScriptExpression::mReturnType, LLScriptIdentifier::mScopeEntry, LLScriptScopeEntry::mType, NULL, print_cil_accessor(), print_cil_load_address(), print_cil_member(), LLScriptIdentifier::recurse(), S32, TRUE, and LLScriptGenerateErrorText::writeError().

Member Data Documentation

LLScriptIdentifier* LLScriptLValue::mAccessor

Definition at line 1020 of file lscript_tree.h.

Referenced by print_asignment(), print_cil_accessor(), print_cil_asignment(), print_cil_load_address(), and recurse().

LLScriptIdentifier* LLScriptLValue::mIdentifier

Definition at line 1019 of file lscript_tree.h.

Referenced by print_asignment(), print_cil_accessor(), print_cil_asignment(), print_cil_load_address(), recurse(), and store2stack().

S32 LLScriptLValue::mOffset

Definition at line 1018 of file lscript_tree.h.

Referenced by print_asignment(), recurse(), and store2stack().

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