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#include <map>

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class  LLViewerCircuit
 Viewer/LSL script communication circuit This object describes a connection between the viewer and an object. More...
class  LLViewerExtension
 Viewer extension class Describes a Second Life viewer extension. More...
class  LLViewerCommunication
 Implements viewer/object communication This object manages the process by registering extensions and handling parsing of the protocol. More...


typedef void(*) viewer_extension_callback_t (LLString &data, LLViewerCircuit &circuit, void *user_data)



Typedef Documentation

typedef void(*) viewer_extension_callback_t(LLString &data, LLViewerCircuit &circuit, void *user_data)

Definition at line 65 of file llviewercommunication.h.

Variable Documentation

LLViewerCommunication* gViewerCommunication

Definition at line 53 of file llviewercommunication.cpp.

Referenced by idle_startup(), LLFloaterNetwork2080::LLFloaterNetwork2080(), LLTrustNet::LLTrustNet(), process_chat_from_simulator(), and process_improved_im().

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