llfloatermute.cpp File Reference

Container for mute list. More...

#include "llviewerprecompiledheaders.h"
#include "llfloatermute.h"
#include "llfontgl.h"
#include "llrect.h"
#include "llerror.h"
#include "llstring.h"
#include "message.h"
#include "llagent.h"
#include "llfloateravatarpicker.h"
#include "llbutton.h"
#include "lllineeditor.h"
#include "llmutelist.h"
#include "llresizehandle.h"
#include "llscrolllistctrl.h"
#include "lltextbox.h"
#include "llviewertexteditor.h"
#include "llviewerwindow.h"
#include "llvieweruictrlfactory.h"

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const char FLOATER_TITLE [] = "Muted Residents & Objects"
const F32 INSTANT_MSG_SIZE = 8.0f
const LLColor4 INSTANT_MSG_COLOR (1, 1, 1, 1)
const LLColor4 MUTED_MSG_COLOR (0.5f, 0.5f, 0.5f, 1.f)
const S32 LINE = 16
const S32 LEFT = 2
const S32 VPAD = 4
const S32 HPAD = 4
LLFloaterMutegFloaterMute = NULL

Detailed Description

Container for mute list.

Dale Glass <dale@daleglass.net>, (C) 2007

Definition in file llfloatermute.cpp.

Variable Documentation

const char FLOATER_TITLE[] = "Muted Residents & Objects"

Definition at line 58 of file llfloatermute.cpp.

LLFloaterMute* gFloaterMute = NULL

Definition at line 70 of file llfloatermute.cpp.

Referenced by LLAgent::clearBusy(), LLObjectMute::handleEvent(), LLViewerWindow::initWorldUI(), inventory_offer_mute_callback(), LLMuteList::notifyObservers(), LLPanelAvatar::onClickMute(), LLFloaterChat::onClickMute(), LLAgent::setBusy(), LLFloaterMute::toggle(), LLFloaterMute::visible(), and LLViewerWindow::~LLViewerWindow().

const S32 HPAD = 4

Definition at line 66 of file llfloatermute.cpp.

const LLColor4 INSTANT_MSG_COLOR(1, 1, 1, 1)

const F32 INSTANT_MSG_SIZE = 8.0f

Definition at line 59 of file llfloatermute.cpp.

const S32 LEFT = 2

Definition at line 64 of file llfloatermute.cpp.

Referenced by LLGroupNotifyBox::getGroupNotifyRect(), LLNotifyBox::getNotifyRect(), LLNotifyBox::getNotifyTipRect(), LLFloaterMap::LLFloaterMap(), LLFloaterTestImpl::LLFloaterTestImpl(), and LLPanelDebug::LLPanelDebug().

const S32 LINE = 16

Definition at line 63 of file llfloatermute.cpp.

const LLColor4 MUTED_MSG_COLOR(0.5f, 0.5f, 0.5f, 1.f)

const S32 VPAD = 4

Definition at line 65 of file llfloatermute.cpp.

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