LLHUDManager Class Reference

#include <llhudmanager.h>

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Public Member Functions

 LLHUDManager ()
 ~LLHUDManager ()
LLHUDEffectcreateViewerEffect (const U8 type, BOOL send_to_sim=TRUE, BOOL originated_here=TRUE)
void updateEffects ()
void sendEffects ()
void cleanupEffects ()

Static Public Member Functions

static void processViewerEffect (LLMessageSystem *mesgsys, void **user_data)

Static Public Attributes

static LLColor4 sParentColor
static LLColor4 sChildColor

Protected Attributes

LLDynamicArrayPtr< LLPointer<
LLHUDEffect > > 

Detailed Description

Definition at line 50 of file llhudmanager.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

LLHUDManager::LLHUDManager (  ) 

Definition at line 54 of file llhudmanager.cpp.

References gColors, LLControlGroup::getColor(), and sParentColor.

LLHUDManager::~LLHUDManager (  ) 

Definition at line 62 of file llhudmanager.cpp.

References mHUDEffects, and LLDynamicArray< Type, BlockSize >::reset().

Member Function Documentation

void LLHUDManager::cleanupEffects (  ) 

Definition at line 114 of file llhudmanager.cpp.

References LLDynamicArray< Type, BlockSize >::count(), i, mHUDEffects, LLDynamicArray< Type, BlockSize >::remove(), and S32.

Referenced by idle().

LLHUDEffect * LLHUDManager::createViewerEffect ( const U8  type,
BOOL  send_to_sim = TRUE,
BOOL  originated_here = TRUE 

Definition at line 131 of file llhudmanager.cpp.

References LLHUDObject::addHUDEffect(), LLUUID::generate(), mHUDEffects, NULL, LLDynamicArray< Type, BlockSize >::put(), LLHUDEffect::setID(), LLHUDEffect::setNeedsSendToSim(), and LLHUDEffect::setOriginatedHere().

Referenced by add_object(), app_request_quit(), LLToolDragAndDrop::commitGiveInventoryCategory(), LLToolDragAndDrop::commitGiveInventoryItem(), LLSelectMgr::confirmDelete(), LLToolDragAndDrop::dad3dTextureObject(), derez_objects(), LLToolDragAndDrop::dropInventory(), LLToolDragAndDrop::dropObject(), LLToolDragAndDrop::dropScript(), idle_startup(), LLVOAvatar::idleUpdate(), LLVOAvatar::LLVOAvatar(), LLToolPie::pickAndShowMenu(), process_teleport_finish(), processViewerEffect(), LLSelectMgr::selectionSetImage(), LLAgent::setAvatarObject(), LLAgent::setLookAt(), and LLAgent::setPointAt().

void LLHUDManager::processViewerEffect ( LLMessageSystem mesgsys,
void **  user_data 
) [static]

Definition at line 152 of file llhudmanager.cpp.

References _PREHASH_Effect, LLDynamicArray< Type, BlockSize >::count(), createViewerEffect(), FALSE, LLHUDEffect::getIDType(), LLMessageSystem::getNumberOfBlocksFast(), gHUDManager, gNoRender, i, llendl, llwarns, mHUDEffects, NULL, LLDynamicArray< Type, BlockSize >::remove(), S32, and LLHUDEffect::unpackData().

Referenced by register_viewer_callbacks().

void LLHUDManager::sendEffects (  ) 

Definition at line 83 of file llhudmanager.cpp.

References _PREHASH_AgentData, _PREHASH_AgentID, _PREHASH_Effect, _PREHASH_SessionID, _PREHASH_ViewerEffect, LLDynamicArray< Type, BlockSize >::count(), FALSE, gAgent, LLAgent::getID(), LLAgent::getSessionID(), gMessageSystem, i, LLHUDObject::LL_HUD_CONNECTOR, llendl, llwarns, mHUDEffects, LLMessageSystem::newMessageFast(), S32, and LLAgent::sendMessage().

Referenced by app_request_quit(), idle(), idle_startup(), and process_teleport_finish().

void LLHUDManager::updateEffects (  ) 

Definition at line 68 of file llhudmanager.cpp.

References LLDynamicArray< Type, BlockSize >::count(), LLFastTimer::FTM_HUD_EFFECTS, i, mHUDEffects, and S32.

Referenced by display().

Member Data Documentation

LLDynamicArrayPtr<LLPointer<LLHUDEffect> > LLHUDManager::mHUDEffects [protected]

Definition at line 68 of file llhudmanager.h.

Referenced by cleanupEffects(), createViewerEffect(), processViewerEffect(), sendEffects(), updateEffects(), and ~LLHUDManager().

LLColor4 LLHUDManager::sChildColor [static]

Definition at line 65 of file llhudmanager.h.

LLColor4 LLHUDManager::sParentColor [static]

Definition at line 64 of file llhudmanager.h.

Referenced by LLHUDManager().

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