lltimer.cpp File Reference

Cross-platform objects for doing timing. More...

#include "linden_common.h"
#include "lltimer.h"
#include "u64.h"

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void update_clock_frequencies ()
U64 totalTime ()
static U64 getElapsedTimeAndUpdate (U64 &lastClockCount)
U32 time_corrected ()
BOOL is_daylight_savings ()
tm * utc_to_pacific_time (S32 utc_time, BOOL pacific_daylight_time)
void microsecondsToTimecodeString (U64 current_time, char *tcstring)
void secondsToTimecodeString (F32 current_time, char *tcstring)


const U32 SEC_PER_DAY = 86400
const F64 SEC_TO_MICROSEC = 1000000.f
const U64 SEC_TO_MICROSEC_U64 = 1000000
const F64 USEC_TO_SEC_F64 = 0.000001
S32 gUTCOffset = 0
F64 gClockFrequency = 0.0
F64 gClockFrequencyInv = 0.0
F64 gClocksToMicroseconds = 0.0
U64 gTotalTimeClockCount = 0
U64 gLastTotalTimeClockCount = 0

Detailed Description

Cross-platform objects for doing timing.


Copyright (c) 2000-2007, Linden Research, Inc.

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Definition in file lltimer.cpp.

Function Documentation

static U64 getElapsedTimeAndUpdate ( U64 lastClockCount  )  [static]

Definition at line 276 of file lltimer.cpp.

References get_clock_count().

Referenced by LLTimer::getElapsedTimeAndResetF64(), and LLTimer::getElapsedTimeF64().

BOOL is_daylight_savings (  ) 

Definition at line 430 of file lltimer.cpp.

References NULL, and tut::tm().

void microsecondsToTimecodeString ( U64  current_time,
char *  tcstring 

Definition at line 478 of file lltimer.cpp.

Referenced by LLViewerWindow::draw(), and secondsToTimecodeString().

void secondsToTimecodeString ( F32  current_time,
char *  tcstring 

Definition at line 500 of file lltimer.cpp.

References microsecondsToTimecodeString(), and SEC_TO_MICROSEC.

U32 time_corrected (  ) 

Definition at line 421 of file lltimer.cpp.

References gUTCOffset, and NULL.

Referenced by LLViewerTextEditor::appendTime(), LLInventoryFilter::check(), cleanup_app(), container_inventory_arrived(), LLToolDragAndDrop::dropInventory(), handle_grab_texture(), idle_startup(), LLLiveLSLEditor::loadAsset(), LLPanelContents::onClickNewScript(), LLPanelDirEvents::performQueryOrDelete(), LLPanelEvent::processEventInfoReply(), LLStatusBar::refresh(), LLPanelDirEvents::setDay(), LLLogChat::timestamp(), LLEventNotifier::update(), and LLNewAgentInventoryResponder::uploadComplete().

U64 totalTime (  ) 

Definition at line 182 of file lltimer.cpp.

References gClockFrequency, gClocksToMicroseconds, get_clock_count(), gLastTotalTimeClockCount, gTotalTimeClockCount, NULL, and update_clock_frequencies().

Referenced by LLMessageSystem::checkMessages(), LLStatAccum::impl::getCurrentUsecs(), LLMessageSystem::getMessageTimeSeconds(), LLMessageSystem::getMessageTimeUsecs(), LLTimer::getTotalTime(), LLFrameTimer::getTotalTime(), idle_startup(), LLReliablePacket::LLReliablePacket(), main(), LLViewerObjectList::update(), and LLFrameTimer::updateFrameTime().

void update_clock_frequencies (  ) 

Definition at line 170 of file lltimer.cpp.

References calc_clock_frequency(), gClockFrequency, gClockFrequencyInv, gClocksToMicroseconds, and SEC_TO_MICROSEC.

Referenced by LLTimer::LLTimer(), and totalTime().

struct tm* utc_to_pacific_time ( S32  utc_time,
BOOL  pacific_daylight_time 

Definition at line 444 of file lltimer.cpp.

References MIN_PER_HOUR, S32, SEC_PER_MIN, and tut::tm().

Referenced by LLFloaterBump::add(), LLViewerTextEditor::appendTime(), LLEventInfo::LLEventInfo(), LLPanelDirEvents::performQueryOrDelete(), LLWorldMap::processMapItemReply(), LLStatusBar::refresh(), LLPanelDirEvents::setDay(), and LLLogChat::timestamp().

Variable Documentation

F64 gClockFrequency = 0.0

Definition at line 68 of file lltimer.cpp.

Referenced by LLTimer::checkExpirationAndReset(), LLTimer::LLTimer(), LLTimer::setTimerExpirySec(), totalTime(), and update_clock_frequencies().

F64 gClockFrequencyInv = 0.0

Definition at line 69 of file lltimer.cpp.

Referenced by LLTimer::getElapsedTimeAndResetF64(), LLTimer::getElapsedTimeF64(), LLTimer::getRemainingTimeF32(), and update_clock_frequencies().

F64 gClocksToMicroseconds = 0.0

Definition at line 70 of file lltimer.cpp.

Referenced by totalTime(), and update_clock_frequencies().

U64 gLastTotalTimeClockCount = 0

Definition at line 72 of file lltimer.cpp.

Referenced by totalTime().

U64 gTotalTimeClockCount = 0

Definition at line 71 of file lltimer.cpp.

Referenced by totalTime().

S32 gUTCOffset = 0

Definition at line 65 of file lltimer.cpp.

Referenced by idle_startup(), and time_corrected().

const U32 SEC_PER_DAY = 86400

Definition at line 55 of file lltimer.cpp.

const F64 SEC_TO_MICROSEC = 1000000.f

Definition at line 56 of file lltimer.cpp.

Referenced by idle(), idle_startup(), LLParcel::importStream(), secondsToTimecodeString(), LLParcel::startSale(), LLViewerObjectList::update(), and update_clock_frequencies().

const U64 SEC_TO_MICROSEC_U64 = 1000000

Definition at line 57 of file lltimer.cpp.

const F64 USEC_TO_SEC_F64 = 0.000001

Definition at line 58 of file lltimer.cpp.

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