LLSurface Class Reference

#include <llsurface.h>

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Public Member Functions

 LLSurface (U32 type, LLViewerRegion *regionp=NULL)
virtual ~LLSurface ()
void create (const S32 surface_grid_width, const S32 surface_patch_width, const LLVector3d &origin_global, const F32 width)
void setRegion (LLViewerRegion *regionp)
void setOriginGlobal (const LLVector3d &origin_global)
void connectNeighbor (LLSurface *neighborp, U32 direction)
void disconnectNeighbor (LLSurface *neighborp)
void disconnectAllNeighbors ()
virtual void decompressDCTPatch (LLBitPack &bitpack, LLGroupHeader *gopp, BOOL b_large_patch)
virtual void updatePatchVisibilities (LLAgent &agent)
F32 getZ (const U32 k) const
F32 getZ (const S32 i, const S32 j) const
LLVector3 getOriginAgent () const
const LLVector3dgetOriginGlobal () const
F32 getMetersPerGrid () const
S32 getGridsPerEdge () const
S32 getPatchesPerEdge () const
S32 getGridsPerPatchEdge () const
U32 getRenderStride (const U32 render_level) const
U32 getRenderLevel (const U32 render_stride) const
F32 resolveHeightRegion (const F32 x, const F32 y) const
F32 resolveHeightRegion (const LLVector3 &location) const
F32 resolveHeightGlobal (const LLVector3d &position_global) const
LLVector3 resolveNormalGlobal (const LLVector3d &v) const
LLSurfacePatchresolvePatchRegion (const F32 x, const F32 y) const
LLSurfacePatchresolvePatchRegion (const LLVector3 &position_region) const
LLSurfacePatchresolvePatchGlobal (const LLVector3d &position_global) const
BOOL idleUpdate (F32 max_update_time)
void renderSurfaceBounds ()
BOOL containsPosition (const LLVector3 &position)
void moveZ (const S32 x, const S32 y, const F32 delta)
LLViewerRegiongetRegion () const
F32 getMinZ () const
F32 getMaxZ () const
void setWaterHeight (F32 height)
F32 getWaterHeight () const
LLViewerImagegetSTexture ()
LLViewerImagegetWaterTexture ()
BOOL hasZData () const
void dirtyAllPatches ()
void dirtySurfacePatch (LLSurfacePatch *patchp)
LLVOWatergetWaterObj ()

Static Public Member Functions

static void initClasses ()
static void setTextureSize (const S32 texture_size)

Public Attributes

S32 mGridsPerEdge
F32 mOOGridsPerEdge
S32 mPatchesPerEdge
S32 mNumberOfPatches
LLSurfacemNeighbors [8]
U32 mType
F32 mDetailTextureScale

Static Public Attributes

static F32 sTextureUpdateTime = 0.f
static S32 sTexelsUpdated = 0
static LLStat sTexelsUpdatedPerSecStat

Protected Member Functions

void createSTexture ()
void createWaterTexture ()
void initTextures ()
void initWater ()
void createPatchData ()
void destroyPatchData ()
BOOL generateWaterTexture (const F32 x, const F32 y, const F32 width, const F32 height)
LLSurfacePatchgetPatch (const S32 x, const S32 y) const

Protected Attributes

LLVector3d mOriginGlobal
std::set< LLSurfacePatch * > mDirtyPatchList
LLPointer< LLViewerImagemSTexturep
LLPointer< LLViewerImagemWaterTexturep
LLPointer< LLVOWatermWaterObjp
S32 mVisiblePatchCount
U32 mGridsPerPatchEdge
F32 mMetersPerGrid
F32 mMetersPerEdge
F32 mSurfaceTexScale
F32 mDetailTexScale
LLPatchVertexArray mPVArray
BOOL mHasZData
F32 mMinZ
F32 mMaxZ
S32 mSurfacePatchUpdateCount

Private Attributes


Static Private Attributes

static S32 sTextureSize = 256


class LLSurfacePatch
std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &s, const LLSurface &S)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 72 of file llsurface.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

LLSurface::LLSurface ( U32  type,
LLViewerRegion regionp = NULL 

Definition at line 74 of file llsurface.cpp.

References FALSE, i, mHasZData, mMaxZ, mMinZ, mNeighbors, mNorm, mPatchList, mSurfacePatchUpdateCount, mSurfaceZ, mVisiblePatchCount, mWaterObjp, NULL, and S32.

LLSurface::~LLSurface (  )  [virtual]

Definition at line 114 of file llsurface.cpp.

References LLViewerImageList::deleteImage(), destroyPatchData(), LLPipeline::findPool(), gImageList, gPipeline, llendl, llerrs, llwarns, mGridsPerEdge, mGridsPerPatchEdge, mNorm, mNumberOfPatches, mPatchesPerEdge, LLFacePool::mReferences, mSTexturep, mSurfaceZ, mWaterTexturep, NULL, LLDrawPool::POOL_TERRAIN, and LLPipeline::removePool().

Member Function Documentation

void LLSurface::connectNeighbor ( LLSurface neighborp,
U32  direction 

Definition at line 342 of file llsurface.cpp.

References LLSurfacePatch::connectNeighbor(), LLSurfacePatch::dirtyZ(), EAST, gDirOpposite, getPatch(), gNoRender, i, mNeighbors, mPatchesPerEdge, NORTH, NORTHEAST, NORTHWEST, S32, SOUTH, SOUTHEAST, SOUTHWEST, LLSurfacePatch::updateEastEdge(), LLSurfacePatch::updateNorthEdge(), and WEST.

Referenced by LLViewerRegion::connectNeighbor().

BOOL LLSurface::containsPosition ( const LLVector3 position  ) 

Definition at line 815 of file llsurface.cpp.

References FALSE, mMetersPerEdge, LLVector3::mV, TRUE, VX, and VY.

void LLSurface::create ( const S32  surface_grid_width,
const S32  surface_patch_width,
const LLVector3d origin_global,
const F32  width 

Definition at line 164 of file llsurface.cpp.

References LLPatchVertexArray::create(), createPatchData(), f, gWorldPointer, i, initTextures(), mGridsPerEdge, mGridsPerPatchEdge, mMetersPerEdge, mMetersPerGrid, mNorm, mNumberOfPatches, mOOGridsPerEdge, mOriginGlobal, mPatchesPerEdge, mPVArray, mSurfaceZ, mVisiblePatchCount, S32, LLVector3::setVec(), and LLVector3d::setVec().

Referenced by LLViewerRegion::LLViewerRegion().

void LLSurface::createPatchData (  )  [protected]

Definition at line 1057 of file llsurface.cpp.

References EAST, FALSE, getPatch(), i, j, LLVector3d::mdV, mGridsPerEdge, mGridsPerPatchEdge, LLSurfacePatch::mHasReceivedData, mMetersPerGrid, mNorm, mNumberOfPatches, mOriginGlobal, mPatchesPerEdge, mPatchList, LLSurfacePatch::mSTexUpdate, mSurfaceZ, mVisiblePatchCount, NORTH, NORTHEAST, NORTHWEST, NULL, S32, LLSurfacePatch::setDataNorm(), LLSurfacePatch::setDataZ(), LLSurfacePatch::setNeighborPatch(), LLSurfacePatch::setOriginGlobal(), LLSurfacePatch::setSurface(), SOUTH, SOUTHEAST, SOUTHWEST, TRUE, and WEST.

Referenced by create().

void LLSurface::createSTexture (  )  [protected]

Definition at line 233 of file llsurface.cpp.

References LLViewerImageList::addImage(), FALSE, gImageList, i, j, mSTexturep, S32, sTextureSize, and TRUE.

Referenced by getSTexture(), and initTextures().

void LLSurface::createWaterTexture (  )  [protected]

Definition at line 258 of file llsurface.cpp.

References LLViewerImageList::addImage(), FALSE, gImageList, i, j, MAX_WATER_COLOR, LLColor4U::mV, mWaterTexturep, S32, sTextureSize, and TRUE.

Referenced by getWaterTexture(), and initTextures().

void LLSurface::decompressDCTPatch ( LLBitPack bitpack,
LLGroupHeader gopp,
BOOL  b_large_patch 
) [virtual]

Definition at line 745 of file llsurface.cpp.

References bad_network_handler(), LLPatchHeader::dc_offset, decode_patch(), decode_patch_header(), decompress_patch(), LLSurfacePatch::dirtyZ(), END_OF_PATCHES, LLSurfacePatch::getDataZ(), LLSurfacePatch::getNeighborPatch(), i, init_patch_decompressor(), j, LARGE_PATCH_SIZE, llendl, llwarns, mGridsPerEdge, mPatchesPerEdge, mPatchList, LLGroupHeader::patch_size, LLPatchHeader::patchids, LLPatchHeader::quant_wbits, LLPatchHeader::range, S32, set_group_of_patch_header(), LLSurfacePatch::setHasReceivedData(), SOUTH, SOUTHWEST, LLGroupHeader::stride, LLSurfacePatch::updateEastEdge(), LLSurfacePatch::updateNorthEdge(), and WEST.

void LLSurface::destroyPatchData (  )  [protected]

Definition at line 1178 of file llsurface.cpp.

References mPatchList, mVisiblePatchCount, and NULL.

Referenced by ~LLSurface().

void LLSurface::dirtyAllPatches (  ) 

Definition at line 1223 of file llsurface.cpp.

References i, mNumberOfPatches, mPatchList, and S32.

Referenced by LLViewerRegion::unpackRegionHandshake().

void LLSurface::dirtySurfacePatch ( LLSurfacePatch patchp  ) 

Definition at line 1232 of file llsurface.cpp.

References mDirtyPatchList.

Referenced by LLSurfacePatch::dirty(), and LLSurfacePatch::updateNormals().

void LLSurface::disconnectAllNeighbors (  ) 

Definition at line 552 of file llsurface.cpp.

References disconnectNeighbor(), i, mNeighbors, NULL, and S32.

Referenced by LLViewerRegion::disconnectAllNeighbors().

void LLSurface::disconnectNeighbor ( LLSurface neighborp  ) 

Definition at line 533 of file llsurface.cpp.

References i, mNeighbors, mNumberOfPatches, mPatchList, NULL, and S32.

Referenced by disconnectAllNeighbors().

BOOL LLSurface::generateWaterTexture ( const F32  x,
const F32  y,
const F32  width,
const F32  height 
) [protected]

Definition at line 1267 of file llsurface.cpp.

References ABOVE_WATERLINE_ALPHA, FALSE, from_region_handle(), getMetersPerGrid(), getRegion(), getWaterHeight(), getWaterTexture(), i, j, llmax(), llmin(), llround(), MAX_WATER_COLOR, LLColor4U::mV, LLVector3::mV, mWaterTexturep, resolveHeightRegion(), S32, TRUE, VX, and VY.

Referenced by LLSurfacePatch::updateTexture().

S32 LLSurface::getGridsPerEdge (  )  const

Definition at line 582 of file llsurface.cpp.

References mGridsPerEdge.

Referenced by LLSurfacePatch::calcNormal(), LLSurfacePatch::eval(), LLSurfacePatch::getNormal(), LLSurfacePatch::getPointAgent(), LLSurfacePatch::getTexCoords(), LLSurfacePatch::updateEastEdge(), LLSurfacePatch::updateNormals(), LLSurfacePatch::updateNorthEdge(), and LLSurfacePatch::updateVerticalStats().

S32 LLSurface::getGridsPerPatchEdge (  )  const

Definition at line 592 of file llsurface.cpp.

References mGridsPerPatchEdge.

Referenced by LLVOSurfacePatch::dirtyPatch(), LLVOSurfacePatch::getGeomSizesEast(), LLVOSurfacePatch::getGeomSizesMain(), LLVOSurfacePatch::getGeomSizesNorth(), LLSurfacePatch::setOriginGlobal(), LLSurfacePatch::updateCompositionStats(), LLSurfacePatch::updateEastEdge(), LLVOSurfacePatch::updateEastGeometry(), LLVOSurfacePatch::updateGeometry(), LLVOSurfacePatch::updateMainGeometry(), LLSurfacePatch::updateNormals(), LLSurfacePatch::updateNorthEdge(), LLVOSurfacePatch::updateNorthGeometry(), LLSurfacePatch::updateTexture(), LLSurfacePatch::updateVerticalStats(), and LLSurfacePatch::updateVisibility().

F32 LLSurface::getMaxZ (  )  const [inline]

Definition at line 132 of file llsurface.h.

References mMaxZ.

Referenced by LLViewerRegion::calculateCenterGlobal(), and LLWorld::updateVisibilities().

F32 LLSurface::getMetersPerGrid (  )  const

Definition at line 577 of file llsurface.cpp.

References mMetersPerGrid.

Referenced by LLSurfacePatch::calcNormal(), LLVOSurfacePatch::dirtyPatch(), LLSurfacePatch::eval(), generateWaterTexture(), LLSurfacePatch::getPointAgent(), LLSurfacePatch::getTexCoords(), LLViewerWindow::mousePointOnLandGlobal(), LLSurfacePatch::setOriginGlobal(), LLSurfacePatch::updateCompositionStats(), LLSurfacePatch::updateTexture(), LLSurfacePatch::updateVerticalStats(), and LLSurfacePatch::updateVisibility().

F32 LLSurface::getMinZ (  )  const [inline]

Definition at line 131 of file llsurface.h.

References mMinZ.

Referenced by LLViewerRegion::calculateCenterGlobal(), and LLWorld::updateVisibilities().

LLVector3 LLSurface::getOriginAgent (  )  const

Definition at line 572 of file llsurface.cpp.

References gAgent, LLAgent::getPosAgentFromGlobal(), and mOriginGlobal.

Referenced by LLSurfacePatch::eval(), LLSurfacePatch::getTexCoords(), renderSurfaceBounds(), LLSurfacePatch::updateCompositionStats(), and LLSurfacePatch::updateVisibility().

const LLVector3d & LLSurface::getOriginGlobal (  )  const

Definition at line 567 of file llsurface.cpp.

References mOriginGlobal.

Referenced by LLSurfacePatch::setOriginGlobal(), and LLSurfacePatch::updateTexture().

LLSurfacePatch * LLSurface::getPatch ( const S32  x,
const S32  y 
) const [protected]

Definition at line 1206 of file llsurface.cpp.

References llendl, llerrs, mPatchesPerEdge, mPatchList, and NULL.

Referenced by connectNeighbor(), createPatchData(), and setOriginGlobal().

S32 LLSurface::getPatchesPerEdge (  )  const

Definition at line 587 of file llsurface.cpp.

References mPatchesPerEdge.

LLViewerRegion* LLSurface::getRegion (  )  const [inline]

Definition at line 129 of file llsurface.h.

References mRegionp.

Referenced by LLSurfacePatch::eval(), LLVLComposition::generateHeights(), generateWaterTexture(), idleUpdate(), LLDrawPoolTerrain::renderOwnership(), LLSurfacePatch::setSurface(), LLSurfacePatch::updateCompositionStats(), LLSurfacePatch::updateTexture(), and LLSurfacePatch::updateVerticalStats().

U32 LLSurface::getRenderLevel ( const U32  render_stride  )  const

Definition at line 1194 of file llsurface.cpp.

References mPVArray, and LLPatchVertexArray::mRenderLevelp.

Referenced by LLSurfacePatch::updateVisibility().

U32 LLSurface::getRenderStride ( const U32  render_level  )  const

Definition at line 1200 of file llsurface.cpp.

References mPVArray, and LLPatchVertexArray::mRenderStridep.

Referenced by LLSurfacePatch::updateVisibility().

LLViewerImage * LLSurface::getSTexture (  ) 

Definition at line 215 of file llsurface.cpp.

References createSTexture(), mSTexturep, and LLPointer< Type >::notNull().

Referenced by LLVLComposition::generateTexture(), and LLVOSurfacePatch::getPool().

F32 LLSurface::getWaterHeight (  )  const

Definition at line 1253 of file llsurface.cpp.

References DEFAULT_WATER_HEIGHT, LLPointer< Type >::isNull(), mWaterObjp, and VZ.

Referenced by generateWaterTexture(), and LLViewerRegion::getWaterHeight().

LLVOWater* LLSurface::getWaterObj (  )  [inline]

Definition at line 144 of file llsurface.h.

References mWaterObjp.

LLViewerImage * LLSurface::getWaterTexture (  ) 

Definition at line 224 of file llsurface.cpp.

References createWaterTexture(), mWaterTexturep, and LLPointer< Type >::notNull().

Referenced by LLVOWater::createDrawable(), and generateWaterTexture().

F32 LLSurface::getZ ( const S32  i,
const S32  j 
) const [inline]

Definition at line 97 of file llsurface.h.

References mGridsPerEdge, and mSurfaceZ.

F32 LLSurface::getZ ( const U32  k  )  const [inline]

Definition at line 96 of file llsurface.h.

References mSurfaceZ.

Referenced by LLToolBrushLand::handleMouseDown(), LLToolBrushLand::modifyLandInSelectionGlobal(), LLToolBrushLand::renderOverlay(), and resolveHeightRegion().

BOOL LLSurface::hasZData (  )  const [inline]

Definition at line 139 of file llsurface.h.

References mHasZData.

Referenced by LLWorld::updateVisibilities().

BOOL LLSurface::idleUpdate ( F32  max_update_time  ) 

Definition at line 627 of file llsurface.cpp.

References LLSurfacePatch::clearDirty(), LLViewerRegion::dirtyHeights(), f, FALSE, LLTimer::getElapsedTimeF32(), getRegion(), gPipeline, LLPipeline::hasRenderType(), mDirtyPatchList, LLPipeline::RENDER_TYPE_TERRAIN, TRUE, LLSurfacePatch::updateNormals(), LLSurfacePatch::updateTexture(), and LLSurfacePatch::updateVerticalStats().

Referenced by LLViewerRegion::forceUpdate(), and LLViewerRegion::idleUpdate().

void LLSurface::initClasses (  )  [static]

Definition at line 153 of file llsurface.cpp.

Referenced by idle_startup().

void LLSurface::initTextures (  )  [protected]

Definition at line 283 of file llsurface.cpp.

References LLPipeline::addObject(), LLViewerObjectList::createObjectViewer(), createSTexture(), createWaterTexture(), DEFAULT_WATER_HEIGHT, from_region_handle(), LLControlGroup::getBOOL(), LLViewerRegion::getHandle(), gObjectList, gPipeline, gSavedSettings, LLViewerObject::LL_VO_WATER, mRegionp, and mWaterObjp.

Referenced by create().

void LLSurface::initWater (  )  [protected]

void LLSurface::moveZ ( const S32  x,
const S32  y,
const F32  delta 

Definition at line 597 of file llsurface.cpp.

References llassert, mGridsPerEdge, and mSurfaceZ.

void LLSurface::renderSurfaceBounds (  ) 

Definition at line 669 of file llsurface.cpp.

References getOriginAgent(), glBegin, glEnd, glPopMatrix, glTranslatef, gWorldPointer, height, LLVector3::mV, VX, and VY.

F32 LLSurface::resolveHeightGlobal ( const LLVector3d position_global  )  const

Definition at line 887 of file llsurface.cpp.

References LLViewerRegion::getPosRegionFromGlobal(), mRegionp, resolveHeightRegion(), and v.

Referenced by LLViewerParcelOverlay::renderPropertyLines(), LLWorld::resolveLandHeightGlobal(), and LLWorld::resolveStepHeightGlobal().

F32 LLSurface::resolveHeightRegion ( const LLVector3 location  )  const [inline]

Definition at line 111 of file llsurface.h.

References LLVector3::mV, resolveHeightRegion(), VX, and VY.

F32 LLSurface::resolveHeightRegion ( const F32  x,
const F32  y 
) const

Definition at line 826 of file llsurface.cpp.

References bottom, f, getZ(), height, left, llfloor(), mGridsPerEdge, mMetersPerEdge, mMetersPerGrid, right, S32, and top.

Referenced by LLViewerParcelOverlay::addPropertyLine(), LLVLComposition::generateHeights(), generateWaterTexture(), LLVOGrass::getGeometry(), LLViewerRegion::getLandHeightRegion(), LLViewerWindow::mousePointOnLandGlobal(), LLViewerParcelMgr::renderOneSegment(), resolveHeightGlobal(), and resolveHeightRegion().

LLVector3 LLSurface::resolveNormalGlobal ( const LLVector3d v  )  const

Definition at line 900 of file llsurface.cpp.

References i, j, LLVector3d::mdV, mGridsPerEdge, mMetersPerEdge, mMetersPerGrid, mOriginGlobal, mSurfaceZ, LLVector3::normVec(), LLVector3::setVec(), VX, VY, and LLVector3::z_axis.

Referenced by LLWorld::resolveLandNormalGlobal().

LLSurfacePatch * LLSurface::resolvePatchGlobal ( const LLVector3d position_global  )  const

Definition at line 1034 of file llsurface.cpp.

References LLViewerRegion::getPosRegionFromGlobal(), mRegionp, and resolvePatchRegion().

Referenced by LLWorld::resolveLandPatchGlobal().

LLSurfacePatch * LLSurface::resolvePatchRegion ( const LLVector3 position_region  )  const

Definition at line 1028 of file llsurface.cpp.

References LLVector3::mV, resolvePatchRegion(), VX, and VY.

LLSurfacePatch * LLSurface::resolvePatchRegion ( const F32  x,
const F32  y 
) const

Definition at line 960 of file llsurface.cpp.

References f, i, j, llclamp(), llendl, llwarns, mGridsPerPatchEdge, mMetersPerEdge, mMetersPerGrid, mNumberOfPatches, mPatchesPerEdge, mPatchList, NULL, and S32.

Referenced by LLVOGrass::getGeometry(), LLToolBrushLand::modifyLandAtPointGlobal(), LLToolBrushLand::modifyLandInSelectionGlobal(), resolvePatchGlobal(), and resolvePatchRegion().

void LLSurface::setOriginGlobal ( const LLVector3d origin_global  ) 

Definition at line 307 of file llsurface.cpp.

References LLSurfacePatch::getOriginGlobal(), getPatch(), i, j, LLVector3d::mdV, mGridsPerPatchEdge, mMetersPerGrid, mOriginGlobal, mPatchesPerEdge, mWaterObjp, LLPointer< Type >::notNull(), S32, LLSurfacePatch::setOriginGlobal(), VX, VY, VZ, x, y, and z.

Referenced by LLViewerRegion::setOriginGlobal().

void LLSurface::setRegion ( LLViewerRegion regionp  ) 

Definition at line 157 of file llsurface.cpp.

References mRegionp.

Referenced by LLViewerRegion::LLViewerRegion().

void LLSurface::setTextureSize ( const S32  texture_size  )  [static]

Definition at line 1188 of file llsurface.cpp.

References sTextureSize.

Referenced by saved_settings_to_globals().

void LLSurface::setWaterHeight ( F32  height  ) 

Definition at line 1239 of file llsurface.cpp.

References LLPointer< Type >::isNull(), llendl, llwarns, mWaterObjp, and VZ.

Referenced by LLViewerRegion::setWaterHeight().

void LLSurface::updatePatchVisibilities ( LLAgent agent  )  [virtual]

Definition at line 607 of file llsurface.cpp.

References gAgent, LLAgent::getCameraPositionGlobal(), LLViewerRegion::getPosRegionFromGlobal(), LLSurfacePatch::getVisible(), i, mNumberOfPatches, mPatchList, mRegionp, mVisiblePatchCount, S32, LLSurfacePatch::updateCameraDistanceRegion(), and LLSurfacePatch::updateVisibility().

Referenced by LLWorld::updateVisibilities().

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class LLSurfacePatch [friend]

Definition at line 148 of file llsurface.h.

std::ostream& operator<< ( std::ostream &  s,
const LLSurface S 
) [friend]

Definition at line 1041 of file llsurface.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

F32 LLSurface::mDetailTexScale [protected]

Definition at line 223 of file llsurface.h.

F32 LLSurface::mDetailTextureScale

Definition at line 173 of file llsurface.h.

std::set<LLSurfacePatch *> LLSurface::mDirtyPatchList [protected]

Definition at line 206 of file llsurface.h.

Referenced by dirtySurfacePatch(), and idleUpdate().

S32 LLSurface::mGridsPerEdge

Definition at line 153 of file llsurface.h.

Referenced by create(), createPatchData(), decompressDCTPatch(), getGridsPerEdge(), getZ(), LLToolBrushLand::handleMouseDown(), LLToolBrushLand::modifyLandInSelectionGlobal(), LLViewerWindow::mousePointOnLandGlobal(), moveZ(), operator<<(), LLToolBrushLand::renderOverlay(), resolveHeightRegion(), resolveNormalGlobal(), and ~LLSurface().

U32 LLSurface::mGridsPerPatchEdge [protected]

Definition at line 218 of file llsurface.h.

Referenced by create(), createPatchData(), getGridsPerPatchEdge(), operator<<(), resolvePatchRegion(), setOriginGlobal(), and ~LLSurface().

BOOL LLSurface::mHasZData [protected]

Definition at line 227 of file llsurface.h.

Referenced by hasZData(), LLSurface(), and LLSurfacePatch::updateVerticalStats().

F32 LLSurface::mMaxZ [protected]

Definition at line 229 of file llsurface.h.

Referenced by getMaxZ(), LLSurface(), and LLSurfacePatch::updateVerticalStats().

F32 LLSurface::mMetersPerEdge [protected]

Definition at line 220 of file llsurface.h.

Referenced by containsPosition(), create(), resolveHeightRegion(), resolveNormalGlobal(), and resolvePatchRegion().

F32 LLSurface::mMetersPerGrid [protected]

Definition at line 219 of file llsurface.h.

Referenced by create(), createPatchData(), getMetersPerGrid(), operator<<(), resolveHeightRegion(), resolveNormalGlobal(), resolvePatchRegion(), and setOriginGlobal().

F32 LLSurface::mMinZ [protected]

Definition at line 228 of file llsurface.h.

Referenced by getMinZ(), LLSurface(), and LLSurfacePatch::updateVerticalStats().

LLSurface* LLSurface::mNeighbors[8]

Definition at line 169 of file llsurface.h.

Referenced by connectNeighbor(), disconnectAllNeighbors(), disconnectNeighbor(), and LLSurface().

LLVector3* LLSurface::mNorm [protected]

Definition at line 204 of file llsurface.h.

Referenced by create(), createPatchData(), LLSurface(), and ~LLSurface().

S32 LLSurface::mNumberOfPatches

Definition at line 158 of file llsurface.h.

Referenced by create(), createPatchData(), dirtyAllPatches(), disconnectNeighbor(), resolvePatchRegion(), updatePatchVisibilities(), and ~LLSurface().

F32 LLSurface::mOOGridsPerEdge

Definition at line 155 of file llsurface.h.

Referenced by create().

LLVector3d LLSurface::mOriginGlobal [protected]

Definition at line 197 of file llsurface.h.

Referenced by create(), createPatchData(), getOriginAgent(), getOriginGlobal(), operator<<(), resolveNormalGlobal(), and setOriginGlobal().

S32 LLSurface::mPatchesPerEdge

Definition at line 157 of file llsurface.h.

Referenced by connectNeighbor(), create(), createPatchData(), decompressDCTPatch(), getPatch(), getPatchesPerEdge(), operator<<(), resolvePatchRegion(), setOriginGlobal(), and ~LLSurface().

LLSurfacePatch* LLSurface::mPatchList [protected]

Definition at line 198 of file llsurface.h.

Referenced by createPatchData(), decompressDCTPatch(), destroyPatchData(), dirtyAllPatches(), disconnectNeighbor(), getPatch(), LLSurface(), resolvePatchRegion(), and updatePatchVisibilities().

LLPatchVertexArray LLSurface::mPVArray [protected]

Definition at line 225 of file llsurface.h.

Referenced by LLSurfacePatch::calcNormal(), create(), getRenderLevel(), and getRenderStride().

LLViewerRegion* LLSurface::mRegionp [private]

Definition at line 234 of file llsurface.h.

Referenced by getRegion(), initTextures(), resolveHeightGlobal(), resolvePatchGlobal(), setRegion(), and updatePatchVisibilities().

LLPointer<LLViewerImage> LLSurface::mSTexturep [protected]

Definition at line 210 of file llsurface.h.

Referenced by createSTexture(), getSTexture(), and ~LLSurface().

S32 LLSurface::mSurfacePatchUpdateCount [protected]

Definition at line 231 of file llsurface.h.

Referenced by LLSurface().

F32 LLSurface::mSurfaceTexScale [protected]

Definition at line 222 of file llsurface.h.

F32* LLSurface::mSurfaceZ [protected]

Definition at line 201 of file llsurface.h.

Referenced by create(), createPatchData(), getZ(), LLSurface(), moveZ(), resolveNormalGlobal(), and ~LLSurface().

U32 LLSurface::mType

Definition at line 171 of file llsurface.h.

Referenced by LLSurfacePatch::setSurface(), and LLSurfacePatch::updateNormals().

S32 LLSurface::mVisiblePatchCount [protected]

Definition at line 216 of file llsurface.h.

Referenced by create(), createPatchData(), destroyPatchData(), LLSurface(), operator<<(), and updatePatchVisibilities().

LLPointer<LLVOWater> LLSurface::mWaterObjp [protected]

Definition at line 213 of file llsurface.h.

Referenced by getWaterHeight(), getWaterObj(), initTextures(), LLSurface(), setOriginGlobal(), and setWaterHeight().

LLPointer<LLViewerImage> LLSurface::mWaterTexturep [protected]

Definition at line 211 of file llsurface.h.

Referenced by createWaterTexture(), generateWaterTexture(), getWaterTexture(), and ~LLSurface().

S32 LLSurface::sTexelsUpdated = 0 [static]

Definition at line 176 of file llsurface.h.

Referenced by LLVLComposition::generateTexture(), and reset_statistics().

LLStat LLSurface::sTexelsUpdatedPerSecStat [static]

Definition at line 177 of file llsurface.h.

Referenced by reset_statistics().

S32 LLSurface::sTextureSize = 256 [static, private]

Definition at line 235 of file llsurface.h.

Referenced by createSTexture(), createWaterTexture(), and setTextureSize().

F32 LLSurface::sTextureUpdateTime = 0.f [static]

Definition at line 175 of file llsurface.h.

Referenced by LLVLComposition::generateTexture(), and reset_statistics().

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